Summer Update


Hello everyone and welcome back!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, and I seriously apologize for that! I’ve finally finished my fourth semester of college, and summer has begun. I have a lot of news to tell you all. This post isn’t really going to be about anything specific, just things that are going on in my life. I’m sad to say that this blog won’t be getting as much love as it should be over the summer because of a couple of things that I’ll list below. So, let’s get into this!

1. Internships

I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in TWO blogging internships this summer. I am beyond excited, but a little nervous as well. I first will be interning with CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru. This website is professional and informative for college girls and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out! I’ll be writing articles once a month, so hopefully you’ll see me on there soon. My favorite part about this internship is that I get to model so many cute outfits (my boyfriend is a great photographer guys!). The second internship is with CollegeFashion. I know the names sound super similar, but they aren’t affiliated in any way! This website is the same idea, but this internship requires blogging every week. THIS MAKES ME NERVOUS. However, I know it will improve my writing skills a ton. It will also make me think on my toes.

2. Depop, Mercari, and Poshmark

In my very first blog post, 5 Tips to Finding Cute & Affordable Clothing, I mentioned some websites you could use to find clothing for cheap, but still in pretty good condition. Even though I get tempted to buy a lot of things, I use these sites more for selling rather than buying. This summer, I’ve been working on updating my shops and finding new items to sell. I’m actually doing pretty well and making a little bit of extra cash! It’s become one of my top priorities now, because I’m saving up for a trip soon that I will not reveal yet (sorry!). If you’re interested in what I’m selling, here are the links to my Depop, Mercari, and Poshmark pages!

3. Work, Work, Work, Work…Work

Aside from my little clothing side hustle, I actually have a job I attend weekly. I’ve returned to my seasonal workplace as a sales associate at Charlotte Russe. Now, despite what people say, retail is actually pretty fun to me. I love greeting people and organizing clothes. My favorite thing is working the register, because it’s so fast paced and I get to meet so many individuals from different parts of the world. Also, my co-workers are pretty bomb. They’re really sweet and supportive women!

4. Summer School

Because I abruptly decided to switch my major, I have fallen behind on my degree plan. Now, college is NOT a race people. You need to go at your own pace and your own time. However, I do not want to be here forever, so I’ve taken the initiative and signed up for summer courses through my local community college! I’m hoping to finish my basics this summer and spend fall 2017 focusing on my major classes only! How exciting! (:

5. Driver’s Ed

Okay, look. I don’t have my driver’s license yet (don’t judge me). I also took the initiative on this one to sign up for a driver’s ed course. I at least can get my driver’s permit, and get the written test out-of-the-way. Soon I’ll be on the streets, so watch out world!

As you can see, I have a few things going on this summer. I didn’t even factor in my social life and sleep (which you all know I love to do). I don’t want to neglect this blog completely, so I think I’m going to post a lot of OOTD’s for now. They’re the easiest thing to do, and I will have a lot of them! However, because of this I’ve decided to post multiple times a week! My outfits can NOT go unseen, and I love giving you all inspiration with what I wear. In addition, I plan to share some of my internship articles and experiences on here as well as the summer progresses.

Until next time!



10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations!

You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.:

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Hey guys!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something. I’m so happy to say that I’m finally out of school for the summer, and a lot of the stress and anxiety from finals week has now subsided. I’ve been sleeping in until 11am, hanging out with my boyfriend, and baking A LOT more. I also enjoy being home because I get to spend time with my four other siblings (I know, big family!).

I’m coming to you all today to speak about vibrations! I’m mostly a fashion blogger, but I love posting about lifestyle things and providing help in that category as well. This past semester of college I changed my routine and habits tremendously. I used to criticize and harshly judge myself and those around me as well as participate in unnecessary and rude gossip. I’m not a perfect person guys, but I’ve improved in such a short amount of time. I constantly speak about giving off positive vibes and energy, and it’s because what you put out into the world is what you get back! The universe is always listening to our vibrations, and when you’re putting out high/positive ones, you are in the perfect place to receive good into your life! I’m not a specialist on this topic, but it’s super interesting to me, and I really wanted to write a post about it.

Here are 10 things I do to raise my vibrations:

1.Yoga and Meditation

You knew this was coming. Yoga and meditation are great ways to get you out of those negative emotions and feelings! Because yoga and meditation allow you to really get in touch with your inner self, you’re able to dig deep and really find the root of why you’re feeling so icky that day. I especially enjoy meditating outside on a really nice day. It puts me in such a good place afterwards! Check out my post on why you should practice yoga and meditation here!

2. Motivational Books/Quotes

I used to hate doing this. My dad is someone who listens to a lot of motivational tapes, and has many books about how to live a happy life. I honestly thought they were a load of crap at first, until I decided to pick up a couple. They actually do lift your mood, and put you in a better state of mind! You start to see ways that you can improve your lifestyle and get excited to begin implementing those in your everyday routine. Some of my favorites are “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I also have a Pinterest board called “Inspiration” where I basically pin every quote or saying that speaks to me in a positive way. Some of those even end up as my phone wallpaper.

Image result for you are a badassImage result for the four agreements

3. Gratitude List

I personally am not very consistent with this one, but I still try to do it everyday. Writing down or even saying what you’re grateful for every morning or night will work wonders! I sometimes text my boyfriend in the morning three things that I’m grateful for that day. It doesn’t have to be something super extravagant. It can be anything! I usually mention something along the lines of sleep, my friends or family, and dogs (because they’re just so cute!!!). Saying this will start to put you into the mindset of seeing things for what they really are instead of blowing situations out of proportion and letting your emotions set you in a downward spiral for the rest of the day. Whenever you get upset about something you don’t have or can’t obtain, remember your gratitude list, and you’ll easily start to let things go!

4. Healthy Food

I know this is difficult because healthy food can be really expensive, but even eating an apple or an orange can lift your mood. What you eat really does effect how you feel, and even though that caramel filled chocolate is always there for you when you’re feeling down, it actually doesn’t help your situation. Whenever your emotions are in a negative place, stay away from junk food! Your best bet is to grab something that is good for your body and makes you feel good overall. It’s okay to indulge sometimes, but binging on sugar and salt are a big NO. Try making a list of some healthy foods that you like to eat, and keep those in the pantry for when sadness strikes.

5. Sleep

Yes, my favorite. If I could sleep all day and night, I really would! My friends make fun of me for sleeping too much, but it really puts me in a good state of mind (unless I’m woken up abruptly). Sleep allows your body to relax and rejuvenate itself. Sometimes your vibrations may be low because you’re stressed or just plain exhausted. If I’m over thinking or anxious about a situation, sleeping calms me down immensely. I wake up in a way better mood than when I go to sleep, and I feel more prepared to tackle the day.

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6. Listen to Music

Super self-explanatory! Turn on your favorite hype music, and start dancing! My favorite thing to do is throw on my headphones and immerse myself in the music.

7. Journal

This is something I started incorporating in my life at the beginning of second semester. Whenever I’m feeling a little off, I journal. Whether I write in my personal journal, type on Microsoft word, or type in my notes on my phone, I still manage to get out what I’m feeling in an effective way. I love journaling because while I’m writing, I tend to re-read over what I say and come to realize that what I’m upset about really isn’t that big of a deal. Journaling helps me put things in perspective in the same way a gratitude list does. It makes me ask myself “why am I even feeling like this over something so small?”

8. Hang Out with Positive People

Nothing beats being around a crowd of good friends and family! Spending time with those I love and those who aren’t toxic tend to lift my spirits beyond measure. If you’re ever feeling down, plan a lunch date with your mom or head over to a friend’s house to spend some quality time. If you have a significant other, maybe cuddle up and watch a movie. However, it’s really important to make sure you surround yourself with the right people. When your vibrations are low, and you gravitate towards those that don’t better you or those that are toxic, you will just sink even further down the hole! Figuring this out requires you to be extremely mindful and aware of yourself and those around you.

9. Treat Yourself

Guys, I’m a fashion student. Shopping is literally something I can call a hobby. However, I tend to REALLY struggle with spending a good amount of money on myself. Sometimes you have to just reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. Whenever I’m buying items for myself, I tend to go back and realize all the things I’ve done up until that specific day. It helps me feel better about my productivity and the things I’ve accomplished. You don’t even have to treat yourself to something huge either. Lunch at your favorite restaurant, coffee, or even buying a book can be your version of treating yourself.

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10. Go Outside

This one is the last, but definitely not the least. As mentioned in #1, I tend to do yoga and meditation outside because I love the feeling of being around nature. It’s really confusing in a sense that I hate camping or doing outdoor activities, but I love being outside. Usually when I have short breaks between my classes, I take a good book and sit at a table. The feeling of fresh air and the sun on my skin really puts me in a better mood. I also enjoy doing this because I’m separating myself from toxic people, gossip, and media. Whenever you have a lunch break for work, try taking your food outside and eating. It will replenish your energy and put you in a better mindset for the rest of your day!

Thank you guys for tuning in to this post! Again, I’m sorry that it’s been a while, but I promise things will be way more consistent from this point on.

Also, happy late mother’s day!

Until next time!


5 Reasons to Practice Yoga & Meditation


Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! In south Texas, it’s currently storming and tornado warnings are being thrown around like there’s no tomorrow. Since I’m stuck inside for the next couple of hours, I thought to myself, “what a great moment to make a blog post!” So, here I am coming to you guys with an informative and hopefully life-changing post!

I started incorporating yoga and meditation in my life last year. Even though I don’t do it consistently, when I do roll out my mat and get my stretch on, I immediately start to feel the benefits. For me, it’s something I can always go to whenever I feel negative energy or negative thoughts inside me. It’s not always about the stretching or flexibility or how you look in a certain pose. If I was able to convince my boyfriend to do some yoga and meditation, then you know you should give it a try! Here’s 5 reasons why you should jump aboard the yogi train:

1. No Competition/Comparison

Okay, so I’m a very competitive person. I’m so competitive, that there have been instances where I’ve wanted to quit something because I wasn’t the best or because I wasn’t number one (yikes, I know). When I attended my first yoga session, I felt that drive to do everything better than everyone else. I surveyed the other people in the room and sought out which ones looked like they were pros at yoga. Since I took ballet as a child, I still had some flexibility leftover and thought I could just jump into the poses like I was an expert and out perform those that I saw earlier. WRONG. I actually almost hurt myself the first time, and this is where I realized I let my pride get the best of me. After that, the feeling changed and I also made a second realization that I was probably the only one in the room that felt like I was competing. Yoga is such a calm, relaxed and chill environment, and there’s no need to compete with the person next to you or feel like you suck because you can’t touch your toes. The instructor constantly says to take things at your own pace and to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. That’s a big one. If the girl or guy in front of you is able to touch their toe to their forehead and you can’t even lift your foot off the ground, that’s okay, and it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s better to not hurt yourself rather than trying to show off. It’s a judge free zone and the instructors are always encouraging! The more you do it, the more you’ll find your own pace.

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2. All Ages Are Welcome

This is more applicable to yoga than meditation. Most young children are not going to sit still enough to meditate for even five minutes (let’s be real). However, they can have a ton of fun with a yoga practice! What I love the most is that many of the poses are made accessible to any skill level. If you can’t get your leg straight or deep enough, there’s an alternative version that still gives you a good stretch without the complexity. It’s amazing because you’ll be in a session and you are with all these people performing the same poses yet to your right is a 60-year-old man and to your left is a pregnant 30-year-old woman. At my university, skill level classes aren’t really offered, but there are also different levels of yoga which make it so versatile. As you grow you’ll find yourself able to increase difficulty and you’ll be able to create new goals for yourself!

3. You Can Do It Anywhere

I know this sounds like the title of a Dr. Seuss book, but I’m not exaggerating! With the technology we have now, yoga and meditation is pretty much available to you 24/7. Whenever it’s a beautiful day, grab that yoga mat and head outside. The feeling of the sun on your skin while engaging in a deep and inspirational yoga practice can’t even be put into words. Also, the sounds of nature make for a very focused and relaxed meditation session! My favorite motivation app for the iPhone is Calm and my favorite yoga Youtuber is Yoga with Adriene. Check them out if you can!

 yoga meditation flexible agile meditate GIF

4. Exercise

This applies to yoga more than meditation. Even though it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much, yoga is a great source of exercise! It works a lot on arm and core strength. Many of the poses are held for a certain amount of seconds (or breaths), so it really does work your muscles. Also, flexibility is something that tends to decline with age. People worry so much about strength training and cardio, they forget that flexibility is also a very important part of maintaining a healthy body. Yoga is a great use for that! It allows you to increase your flexibility while taking things at your own comfortable pace. Most yoga sessions are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, and because the environment is so relaxing, you don’t even realize the time flying by!

5. Stress Relief/Focus

Yoga and meditation both provide a sense of stress relief and focus. A lot of the time, the instructor or the voice guiding you through meditation will tell you to clear your mind and listen to your breath. I know it sounds really easy, but it’s actually one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. As people, we’ve developed this idea that we constantly have to be doing something to be productive, but that’s the opposite. Giving your mind and body time to relax is important and can contribute to more energy and creativity! If you practice these two diligently, you’ll find it easier to focus on your task at hand or to not let life overwhelm you. Meditation also allows you to become more in tune with yourself. Take 5 minutes of your day to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

 yoga GIF

Yoga and meditation are seriously life-changing and I hope you guys check it out!

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20 Things I’ve Learned at 20 Years Old


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So, tomorrow I hit the big 2-0. I’ll be 20 years old. It literally feels like yesterday when I started my first year of middle school, or when I graduated high school. To be honest, I don’t feel any type of different. Tomorrow I still have class at 9am, work at 12pm, and a lab for my science class that’s 2 hours long, I know the ending of my teen years will not make the world stop spinning, but I do want to brag on myself a bit. Even though I don’t FEEL different, I know in my heart that things have changed and I’ve really grown as a person. Just thinking back to as little as one year ago, I have done things, said things, and felt things that I never thought I’d go through or experience. This post is going to be sweet and short, but here’s 20 things I’ve learned/realized/experienced at 20 years old.

  1. I learned to say NO
  2. I improved my self-care
  3. I changed my major (this was a SCARY one)
  4. I grew a backbone
  5. I learned to cook in a crockpot
  6. I started a blog
  7. I learned to speak my mind
  8. I learned to love myself
  9. I went natural (best choice I ever made)
  10. I learned to not care what other people think (still working on this one)
  11. I stopped procrastinating
  12. I learned to listen to my instincts
  13. I started drinking more water
  14. I learned that it’s okay to cry
  15. I learned to appreciate nature
  16. I learned how to sew
  17. I learned that nothing is set in stone
  18. I learned how to be grateful and positive
  19. I discovered essential oils
  20. I realized the rules and strict acts of my parents while growing up were for a really good reason and now I’m extremely thankful.

That’s all I’ve got for you. I know you expected a birthday outfit post, but that will definitely be up tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just something that’s cute, comfy, and perfect for a college girl. I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful week. (: