How to Style #1: Wrap Skirt

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

It’s HUMP DAY! We’re so close to the weekend, so let’s stay motivated and make these next couple of weekdays count.

I’m starting a new series on my blog called How to Style. I will be making a post here and there about pieces in my closet and how to style them. Today’s clothing item is the infamous wrap skirt!

This trend started a few months back, but I was finally able to grab one that wasn’t expensive and looked really cute from my local Charlotte Russe.

Whenever I first saw this type of skirt, I didn’t care much for it. However, one of my coworkers wore one to work and I absolutely fell in love. Sometimes it takes someone trying it on for you to get a better vision. This skirt is a red-orange color with cute, white daisies all over it. There’s a tie in the front as well. I found this on clearance for $9.99, and it was a size small. Luckily, the clasp was a button, so I was able to detach and move it to expand the size of the skirt! (thank you sewing class). If you have sewing experience, I suggest using this tactic, so you can still obtain items you like even if the size is too small.

I styled this skirt with an off-the-shoulder white top from Forever 21, brown two-strap sandals from Shiekh, and my brown Jacqueline watch from Fossil. I picked these specific items because I feel brown accents add that summer touch to the skirt and make it look fresh and clean. The top being off-the-shoulder gives it some personality in comparison to a basic white shirt or tank-top. Plus, I love showing off my collar bones!

If you’re interested in re-creating this look, here are the links to the same/similar items:

Off-the-Shoulder Bodysuit:

Floral Wrap Skirt:

Brown Two-Strap Sandals:

Jacqueline Fossil Watch:

That’s all I have for you guys today! Don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog. I’ll be making a spontaneous blog post tomorrow, but I’m not going to give away what it’s about. Check back tomorrow evening if you want to know!

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