About Me

I’m Alexia, but I mostly go by Lexi. I originally made this blog at the age of 20 years old to share my college experiences and fashion tips. I am now 23 years old with a Bachelor’s degree and recently moved from my forever home of Houston, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota to start the scary (but exciting) beginning steps of my adult life! Because of these big life changes, this blog will now transition from college life to post-grad life and career. The fashion will continue to stay, but I’m also going to start including mental-health posts as well, since that’s something I’ve become very passionate about due to recent life events (I promise I’ll post about it soon!)

I currently work as an Inventory Analyst for Target corporate, but outside of work I love to bake/cook, practice yoga, blog, do lots of DIY, and play video games (ask me for my Nintendo Switch Friend Code)!

I’m definitely a family girl. I have four brothers and one sister that I love dearly (I’m the second oldest) and an extremely caring boyfriend who I’ve been with for 7 years. All of these people, including my parents, have been great influences in my life and continue to inspire me every single day.

The reason I originally started this blog has not changed. I continue to love journaling and writing about things that are deeply important to me and sharing my own personal experiences that could help someone else going through a similar situation or difficult time. To have someone else there that has experienced the same thing and is still living and breathing definitely provides comfort.

I really hope you all find humor, inspiration, and comfort here on my blog. I’m just a young adult just like all of you looking to find herself in the world and who’s willing to display her journey. I’m open to comments from all of you because I would love to interact and get to know you guys! Thank you for stopping by!