Life Update + OOTD

Guys, it's been a WHILE. It feels amazing to be back, but lemme tell you, school has been kicking me in the butt. I'm a junior this semester, so of course the class load isn't easy, however I didn't expect this much homework. It's this constant cycle of homework, social life, and sleep. I think … Continue reading Life Update + OOTD


Easter #OOTD

I know Easter has come and gone, but I had to share this beautiful dress with you all! A few days before Easter weekend, I went shopping at the Ross by my college campus with a couple of friends. Even though I had a few items in my hands, I ended up walking out with … Continue reading Easter #OOTD

90’s #OOTD

Welcome back guys! <3<3<3 I was super in love with an outfit that I wore a few days ago.It's like a 90's Janet Jackson from Poetic Justice. I got a lot of positive feedback and decided it would be a great idea to make an outfit post about it listing where I got the items … Continue reading 90’s #OOTD

Birthday #OOTD

I promised a couple weeks ago that I would make a post about my birthday outfit. I know it's been some time, but I'm not going to break my promise to you guys! It's finally here and I can't wait to share the details of this comfy and college friendly outfit. Now, it's nothing fancy. … Continue reading Birthday #OOTD


Welcome back to my blog you guys! Today I decided to post on this really cute outfit that I wore to work on Thursday! Since I do work in a pretty popular clothing store, a very strict dress code isn't heavily enforced. We're just required to dress very stylish, trendy, and with the season! With … Continue reading Work OOTD

Thanksgiving OOTD

Welcome back to my blog you guys! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday that was spent with loved ones, and involved lots of good food. I, unfortunately, ate way too much and retired to the couch shortly after my meal. Anyway, I know this weekend is filled with crazy good deals (with black … Continue reading Thanksgiving OOTD