10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations!

You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.:

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Hey guys!

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something. I’m so happy to say that I’m finally out of school for the summer, and a lot of the stress and anxiety from finals week has now subsided. I’ve been sleeping in until 11am, hanging out with my boyfriend, and baking A LOT more. I also enjoy being home because I get to spend time with my four other siblings (I know, big family!).

I’m coming to you all today to speak about vibrations! I’m mostly a fashion blogger, but I love posting about lifestyle things and providing help in that category as well. This past semester of college I changed my routine and habits tremendously. I used to criticize and harshly judge myself and those around me as well as participate in unnecessary and rude gossip. I’m not a perfect person guys, but I’ve improved in such a short amount of time. I constantly speak about giving off positive vibes and energy, and it’s because what you put out into the world is what you get back! The universe is always listening to our vibrations, and when you’re putting out high/positive ones, you are in the perfect place to receive good into your life! I’m not a specialist on this topic, but it’s super interesting to me, and I really wanted to write a post about it.

Here are 10 things I do to raise my vibrations:

1.Yoga and Meditation

You knew this was coming. Yoga and meditation are great ways to get you out of those negative emotions and feelings! Because yoga and meditation allow you to really get in touch with your inner self, you’re able to dig deep and really find the root of why you’re feeling so icky that day. I especially enjoy meditating outside on a really nice day. It puts me in such a good place afterwards! Check out my post on why you should practice yoga and meditation here!

2. Motivational Books/Quotes

I used to hate doing this. My dad is someone who listens to a lot of motivational tapes, and has many books about how to live a happy life. I honestly thought they were a load of crap at first, until I decided to pick up a couple. They actually do lift your mood, and put you in a better state of mind! You start to see ways that you can improve your lifestyle and get excited to begin implementing those in your everyday routine. Some of my favorites are “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero and “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I also have a Pinterest board called “Inspiration” where I basically pin every quote or saying that speaks to me in a positive way. Some of those even end up as my phone wallpaper.

Image result for you are a badassImage result for the four agreements

3. Gratitude List

I personally am not very consistent with this one, but I still try to do it everyday. Writing down or even saying what you’re grateful for every morning or night will work wonders! I sometimes text my boyfriend in the morning three things that I’m grateful for that day. It doesn’t have to be something super extravagant. It can be anything! I usually mention something along the lines of sleep, my friends or family, and dogs (because they’re just so cute!!!). Saying this will start to put you into the mindset of seeing things for what they really are instead of blowing situations out of proportion and letting your emotions set you in a downward spiral for the rest of the day. Whenever you get upset about something you don’t have or can’t obtain, remember your gratitude list, and you’ll easily start to let things go!

4. Healthy Food

I know this is difficult because healthy food can be really expensive, but even eating an apple or an orange can lift your mood. What you eat really does effect how you feel, and even though that caramel filled chocolate is always there for you when you’re feeling down, it actually doesn’t help your situation. Whenever your emotions are in a negative place, stay away from junk food! Your best bet is to grab something that is good for your body and makes you feel good overall. It’s okay to indulge sometimes, but binging on sugar and salt are a big NO. Try making a list of some healthy foods that you like to eat, and keep those in the pantry for when sadness strikes.

5. Sleep

Yes, my favorite. If I could sleep all day and night, I really would! My friends make fun of me for sleeping too much, but it really puts me in a good state of mind (unless I’m woken up abruptly). Sleep allows your body to relax and rejuvenate itself. Sometimes your vibrations may be low because you’re stressed or just plain exhausted. If I’m over thinking or anxious about a situation, sleeping calms me down immensely. I wake up in a way better mood than when I go to sleep, and I feel more prepared to tackle the day.

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6. Listen to Music

Super self-explanatory! Turn on your favorite hype music, and start dancing! My favorite thing to do is throw on my headphones and immerse myself in the music.

7. Journal

This is something I started incorporating in my life at the beginning of second semester. Whenever I’m feeling a little off, I journal. Whether I write in my personal journal, type on Microsoft word, or type in my notes on my phone, I still manage to get out what I’m feeling in an effective way. I love journaling because while I’m writing, I tend to re-read over what I say and come to realize that what I’m upset about really isn’t that big of a deal. Journaling helps me put things in perspective in the same way a gratitude list does. It makes me ask myself “why am I even feeling like this over something so small?”

8. Hang Out with Positive People

Nothing beats being around a crowd of good friends and family! Spending time with those I love and those who aren’t toxic tend to lift my spirits beyond measure. If you’re ever feeling down, plan a lunch date with your mom or head over to a friend’s house to spend some quality time. If you have a significant other, maybe cuddle up and watch a movie. However, it’s really important to make sure you surround yourself with the right people. When your vibrations are low, and you gravitate towards those that don’t better you or those that are toxic, you will just sink even further down the hole! Figuring this out requires you to be extremely mindful and aware of yourself and those around you.

9. Treat Yourself

Guys, I’m a fashion student. Shopping is literally something I can call a hobby. However, I tend to REALLY struggle with spending a good amount of money on myself. Sometimes you have to just reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. Whenever I’m buying items for myself, I tend to go back and realize all the things I’ve done up until that specific day. It helps me feel better about my productivity and the things I’ve accomplished. You don’t even have to treat yourself to something huge either. Lunch at your favorite restaurant, coffee, or even buying a book can be your version of treating yourself.

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10. Go Outside

This one is the last, but definitely not the least. As mentioned in #1, I tend to do yoga and meditation outside because I love the feeling of being around nature. It’s really confusing in a sense that I hate camping or doing outdoor activities, but I love being outside. Usually when I have short breaks between my classes, I take a good book and sit at a table. The feeling of fresh air and the sun on my skin really puts me in a better mood. I also enjoy doing this because I’m separating myself from toxic people, gossip, and media. Whenever you have a lunch break for work, try taking your food outside and eating. It will replenish your energy and put you in a better mindset for the rest of your day!

Thank you guys for tuning in to this post! Again, I’m sorry that it’s been a while, but I promise things will be way more consistent from this point on.

Also, happy late mother’s day!

Until next time!


3 Easy and Delicious Crockpot Recipes

Crockpot Recipies

Laziness + Busy College Life = No time to cook.

I always wake up in the morning planning to make a healthy, yummy dinner, but by the end of the day I’m exhausted! I know a ton of 20-something-year-olds can relate to this. Also since I’m still fresh into adulthood, cooking hasn’t become a specialty of mine yet. The one item that I feel is essential to college students is the Crockpot. Yes, you heard me. This little pot has become a life saver. It literally requires you to do almost nothing besides throw a ton of ingredients together.  I also enjoy them because they are super inexpensive. I got one from Walmart for $18 bucks and it’s a beautiful red color. After obtaining my Crockpot, I took to Pinterest to find a ton of recipes suitable for my new kitchen toy. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. Cajun Chicken Alfredo

This was the very first meal I made in a Crockpot. It came out amazing and I couldn’t help going back for seconds and even thirds! Some items in the recipe you can substitute or take out. For example, you can switch out the heavy cream for alfredo sauce if you want a different consistency. Also, the amount of cajun seasoning you use all depends on the amount of spiciness you want!


2. Loaded Hash Brown Potato Soup

Ah, I’m in love with potato soup. I’m so thankful for this recipe because it means I can stop spending my money at Panera (oops). I find hash browns easier to use because you don’t have to chop up tons of potatoes, so it’s a big time saver. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate, this is a great meal to come home and wind down with. It’s so homey!


3. Crock-Pot Cinnamon Rolls

Of course I had to do something sweet for the last recipe! I love cinnamon rolls, and every time I make a trip back home, my mom makes them for breakfast. It’s great that someone was able to make a version for the Crockpot! I feel these cinnamon rolls offer a great breakfast option because you can make them on Sunday night and just reheat in the morning! It saves a ton of time for those that have early morning classes and like to sleep in (me).


If you haven’t already, definitely invest in a Crockpot! They don’t require you to have professional chef skills, and you basically have enough food for the entire week made in just one day. It’s a perfect item for my fellow college students, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!


Birthday #OOTD


I promised a couple weeks ago that I would make a post about my birthday outfit. I know it’s been some time, but I’m not going to break my promise to you guys! It’s finally here and I can’t wait to share the details of this comfy and college friendly outfit.


Now, it’s nothing fancy. Even though it was my birthday, I still had class all day. I had to wear an outfit that was cute, but still felt comfortable since I had to walk to and from class! A lot of these items I’ve mentioned before, but the two that stand out the most are the pants and the top.


The pants:

The pants are an item that I’ve actually had since…sophomore or junior year of high school. To put that into perspective, I’m currently a sophomore in college. I bought them out of impulse, tried them on, and decided that they weren’t for me. At that point they were thrown into a bin and never thought about again until I was going through it during Christmas break. Since my style has changed (definitely for the better), I decided to give them another go and I fell in love. Plus, I was excited that they still fit. These babies are super comfortable and loose, but the elastic in the waist allows for stretch. There’s also a little pocket in the back for show (it doesn’t really hold stuff). This pair of pants was found at Forever 21. I know it was a couple years ago, but I’m sure they have similar styles!


The Top:

The top is actually a bodysuit! I don’t own very many of them, and thought the color would look great on my skin, so I snatched it up. What I love about this bodysuit is that it snaps on the bottom like a onsie opposed to those that you have to take off fully making it a hassle when you have to pee (and basically naked in a bathroom stall). The style is just a basic tank top, but I would buy one of these in every color if I could! It’s also very comfortable, and even though it’s winter, it came in handy for the bipolar weather in Texas. This bodysuit was also bought from Forever 21.

The Shoes and Accessories:

Lastly, the shoes and the earrings are items you’ve all seen before, but of course I’ll mention them anyway. The earrings were given to me by my mom, so I have no idea where they’re from (sorry!). The shoes are very comfortable to walk in, and go with anything because they’re black. I bought these from Target.


That’s all I have for today! Thank you guys for your patience, I know it took me some time to get this post up. I hope everyone has an amazing week, and to all of you college students: ITS ALMOST SPRING BREAK!!!


20 Things I’ve Learned at 20 Years Old


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So, tomorrow I hit the big 2-0. I’ll be 20 years old. It literally feels like yesterday when I started my first year of middle school, or when I graduated high school. To be honest, I don’t feel any type of different. Tomorrow I still have class at 9am, work at 12pm, and a lab for my science class that’s 2 hours long, I know the ending of my teen years will not make the world stop spinning, but I do want to brag on myself a bit. Even though I don’t FEEL different, I know in my heart that things have changed and I’ve really grown as a person. Just thinking back to as little as one year ago, I have done things, said things, and felt things that I never thought I’d go through or experience. This post is going to be sweet and short, but here’s 20 things I’ve learned/realized/experienced at 20 years old.

  1. I learned to say NO
  2. I improved my self-care
  3. I changed my major (this was a SCARY one)
  4. I grew a backbone
  5. I learned to cook in a crockpot
  6. I started a blog
  7. I learned to speak my mind
  8. I learned to love myself
  9. I went natural (best choice I ever made)
  10. I learned to not care what other people think (still working on this one)
  11. I stopped procrastinating
  12. I learned to listen to my instincts
  13. I started drinking more water
  14. I learned that it’s okay to cry
  15. I learned to appreciate nature
  16. I learned how to sew
  17. I learned that nothing is set in stone
  18. I learned how to be grateful and positive
  19. I discovered essential oils
  20. I realized the rules and strict acts of my parents while growing up were for a really good reason and now I’m extremely thankful.

That’s all I’ve got for you. I know you expected a birthday outfit post, but that will definitely be up tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just something that’s cute, comfy, and perfect for a college girl. I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful week. (:


College Talk: Spring Semester Update



I know, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve posted something of some substance on here. I planned to do a winter favorites post, but then I started school again for Spring 2017, and disconnected from the blogging platform. It haunted me everyday. The fact that my blog was basically sitting idle, but now I’m back with an interesting topic. Hopefully I get into the groove of posting two days a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

So, as many of you know, just from personally talking to me or reading my last post, I ended up switching my major for Spring 2017. It was a huge risk, and a very awkward transition: Music Education to Fashion Merchandising. In the moments leading up to it, I felt I was making a really huge mistake, but I’m not a risk taker, so it partially felt good to be doing something out of the ordinary. I wanted to make this post 1. to vent because we all need to sometimes and 2. to talk about my experience and help anyone else that’s going through the same thing. Let’s jump into this!

First day of school

The first day back was kind of exciting, but also super nerve-wracking. I saw on Pinterest an article about how to make mornings efficient, so I decided to give it a try. I had my first class at 9am, which was Intro to Soft Textiles aka beginner’s sewing. Surprisingly, I got up at 6:30am ready to take on the day. I wasn’t tired or exhausted and was feeling energized. The day started with me doing a 10 minute meditation sequence using my Calm app. After that I already felt happier and less scared about my new major. I also decided to write three things I was grateful for in my journal. It was great because after breakfast, doing my hair, and getting dressed I still had 30-40 minutes of my morning left to do whatever I pleased.

I think the walk to my class was the most emotional thing. It felt awkward and strange to pass the Music building instead of walk into it and see all my peers talking among one another before classes began. I didn’t cut off music completely though. I still kept my choir class and other extra ensemble because no part of me would be able to fathom cutting off singing all together. I knew I’d be back in the Music building during choir later in the day, so I tried to focus on that rather than letting the emotion overwhelm me when my day barely even started.

Sewing class was…different. After being in classes where everyone was outspoken and some people pure know-it-alls, it was a completely opposite experience. The silence was so strong that you could hear a pin drop, and we had to do that
“introduce yourself to the class” thing that everyone hates on the first day. Also, the overall vibe of the Family and Consumer Sciences building was gloomy. Most of the students didn’t interact or talk nearly as much as they did in the Music building, and the lack of family environment was present. I couldn’t wait to get to choir later on in the day to see my close friends and the people that basically formed my second family. Singing in choir that day brought a lot of mixed feelings. I REALLY felt I was making a mistake by not being a music student, but I knew it was only the first day and I had to stick it out.

Present day

Now, today being the start of my third week as a fashion student, I feel a lot different. I notice that I lack the stress and anxiety I had as a music student. Many people ask me, “did you switch because your classes were hard?” Definitely not. I loved piano and theory more than the normal person, but the overwhelming amount of stress that came with being a music major was too much for me. Despite that though, I miss the feeling of being busy. I went from having 7-8 classes a day to only having 4, one of those classes being online. I have to admit, I have WAY too much free time on my hands and sometimes I feel I’m not being productive enough. Even though the semester has progressed a bit, I still haven’t formed any close or distinctive relationships in my sewing class. Most of the class time consists of the teacher asking questions and us being silent with our eyes glued to the floor, still uncomfortable with one another. The family unit doesn’t exist in that class at all.

So, what’s my conclusion? My final verdict? I still couldn’t tell you. Part of me is missing the busy bee life of a music major, but the other half of me is enjoying this time off to think, sleep, and relax. However, I still don’t have a sense of what I’d do with a B.A in Fashion Merchandising. Maybe if you ask me again in the summer, I’ll have an answer for you.

Also, if you’re thinking about switching your major or trying something new, GO FOR IT. The experience might not be exactly what you thought or hoped, but you’re still taking steps to discovering what you want for yourself. In the end, the result will be beneficial!



The New Year and What’s To Come

It’s been such a while since I’ve posted on here! I deeply apologize for that. I’ve been taking this winter break way too literal. By that, I mean sleeping in until 12pm everyday I’m not working at my retail job. It’s been nice to be able to rejuvenate and prepare for the upcoming semester! I hope you all had such an amazing New Year’s Eve, and I hope your 2017 has already started off great! I have some exciting fashion posts on the way for you guys, but let’s talk about the future of this blog!

I definitely plan to post a lot more. That’s the first thing. I really didn’t want to put pressure on myself to post at certain times or on certain days, but I feel it’s necessary so I discipline myself and so this blog can grow!

Secondly, I’m starting a new major in the next week: Fashion Merchandising. When I say I’m excited, I really mean I’m EXCITED. It’s a bit scary, but a choice I personally decided to make after holding myself back for so long and becoming tired of being fearful of my future! I plan to write more in the lifestyle and college life section of this blog explaining my journey and my newfound experience!

Lastly, I really want to work harder to connect more with all of you, my audience. I love having feedback and love interacting with you guys! If there’s any type of content you specifically want to see, or anything you want to suggest, I’m all for it! I love criticism and love the idea of my blog growing from genuine connections and interactions!

I know this post was very short and unlike the others, but I felt the need to let you all know what the future holds and what’s to come!

See you all very soon!!

The Midlife College Crisis

Hey loves, welcome back to my blog page! The topic today is a bit different from the usual fashion and style that I tend to post. I’m a big advocate for inspiration, positivity, and just life in general. I decided to reach out to my followers as well as other potential readers that are feeling the same way.

The College Midlife Crisis. At first I had no idea what this meant, or what I was going through. By the end of my freshman year of college I started to feel lost and distant from myself. I went into school as a music education major, and my primary instrument was voice. I was even awarded a scholarship for my talent and I felt 100% sure of the field I wanted to go into. I was a big classical music nerd. I literally dropped all other extracurricular activities just to focus on choir and my voice lessons. Looking back, I feel I made a huge mistake.

Summer of 2016, I felt like I needed more in my life than just music. I had a longing to learn more and experience outside of this field that I consumed myself in for years. The longing to switch majors or to undecided was stronger than I thought it ever could be.

As the first semester of my sophomore year grew closer and closer, I felt panicked. I still had no idea what I wanted to do, and part of the reason was because of fear. Switching from music to another major or not any major at all would be HUGE, and sadly I was someone that focused a lot on what other people thought of me. I was nervous to hear disappointment from my peers or past directors that influenced my choice of being a music educator. The situation was already brought up to my parents which ended up being a relief because they supported my decision. However, despite their supportive nature I was still too afraid to switch over and chose to be a music major for another semester.

Now, more factors played into this decision and my feelings toward this field of study. My school went through a complete turn around in staff, making things a little uncomfortable and chaotic. The overall atmosphere of the school became toxic and negative, and me being a person that feeds off of the energy around them, was affected horribly by this change. My physical, mental, and emotional health began to deteriorate and my third semester (first semester of my sophomore year) began lacking energy and motivation.

It was a struggle getting up in the morning and going to class when I didn’t have any enjoyment with what I did. Also, it was my first time living in an apartment with having to cook daily, and with my busy schedule and constantly being tired I wasn’t eating as much. I tended to deny invites to go out with friends and spent the day lying in bed or crying to my boyfriend (thank God for him) about how I hated how things were going. Honestly, this was the worst I’ve ever felt. I also failed to mention that I got the flu AND the stomach flu at the same time. After talking with a few of my mentors, I realized I was going through some sort of a midlife crisis that specifically applied to college students (yes that’s a real thing).

So basically, the midlife college crisis is a point in your college life where you realize you’re lost and have no idea what you want with your life. It usually happens to people after their freshman year because they start studying a topic they thought they had interest in, but realize they hate it or don’t have motivation for it. Some people handle this better than others, but for me I have come to a conclusion to do a bit of soul searching.I’m currently on winter break and made the hard and fearful decision to switch to undecided next semester and take a few classes geared towards fashion and business (this shouldn’t be a surprise). I am proud to say that despite my lack of interest and motivation, I did finish this semester with a 4.0 and am currently still alive (barely).

I wanted to make this post to let all of you that feel this way or may be going through the same thing, that it’s okay and it’s normal. You may feel like your friends or peers don’t understand you or that you’re wrong for feeling this way, but that’s not the case. Some people are better at hiding things than others because believe me, not everyone is satisfied with what they’re doing. Fear is a big part of the reason why so many people don’t go after what they want or follow how they feel. Don’t be the person that succumbs to that scary feeling of what if, because you could be missing out on a bucket load of happiness and success! Remember that time is different for everyone and don’t compare or put yourself against those that are around you. If you decide you miss your old major, then switch back! It’s okay to spend a little time figuring out your life and your path.

If any of you need help, advice, or just want to talk, I’m definitely here! I’d also suggest going to counseling on your college campus because usually it’s free and you’ll have a non biased point of view for what your situation is. I promise things will get better, but you have to take initiative!

See you soon!


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Why Tee/Tank Dresses are Essential


Hi everyone, Welcome back to my blog! 

I wanted to thank all of you for the positive feedback after my first blog post launched. Everyone had such great things to say and I really appreciate all the support.

Today I’m coming to you all from a place of love and obsession. T-shirt dresses. I literally can’t have enough of them. (TANK DRESSES ALSO). In all honesty, I only have 4 or 5, but if you looked at my wishlist on any of my favorite websites you’d see over 20 of them. I feel I had to make a post to persuade those of you that don’t have this cute must-have item in your closet to ABSOLUTELY get it. So let’s jump into this, here are a few reasons why tee/tank dresses are essential to your wardrobe:

1. You can dress them up or down

They’re perfect for every occasion, seriously. I wear them whenever I go out to the mall, on casual dates with my boyfriend, and to class in the morning. I even wore a tank dress to a job interview and dressed it up with a gold/brown color scheme. I’ve seen multiple youtubers and instagrammers rock t shirt dresses whenever they go out to fancy dinners just by adding some heels and a cute jacket! It’s also the perfect outfit item to use to go from day to night wear!



2. They’re extremely comfortable

I’m definitely not over-exaggerating when I say this. I could literally SLEEP in one of these dresses. Especially if you buy one that is good quality, the product will be so soft. Also, I’m an advocate for not having to wear pants because they can be really uncomfortable and sometimes your legs need to breathe!

3. You can wear them in any season

I know a tee/tank dress is short, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in the winter or the fall. (I live in Texas, so this may not be the best idea during a snow storm or in northern states). Even if you live in a cold climate, I’ve seen many people that wear thigh high boots and a beautiful trench coat with a dress of this type! For me, it’s such a nice and refreshing combination. I also think they look really cute with stockings, combat boots, and a nice oversized denim jacket for the fall.

4. They hide your food baby

As I mentioned in the first reason, I wear tee/tank dresses to go out on dates with my boyfriend. Most, if not all, of those dates include food (because that is my second obsession). Since these dresses are made to be very loose fitting, you can hide any food baby that you obtain after going out to eat, or any bloating if you’re just having one of those days.

5. They come in multiple styles and colors

I can’t stress enough the variety that is presented through such a simple item of clothing. You can literally go on a clothing website, search “t-shirt dress” or “tank dress” and find 20+ different types of the same thing. Some websites even have a subcategory for it. I know I’ve been super obsessed with a certain v-neck t shirt dress and a low back tank dress that I’ve spotted on a couple sites. Besides those two styles, you have your basic scoop neck and high neck dresses as well. Not to mention these dresses can also be long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve length. Lastly, the color variety is ENDLESS. The colors range from your basic white, black, and grey to shades of green, blues, yellows, and beautiful pinks/nudes (which are my personal favorite).


6. Perfect to throw on when you’re running late

As a college student, this tip means the most to me. I love my sleep. I treasure it like a mother treasures her newborn child. Sometimes I oversleep in the mornings and wake up with only a few minutes left until I need to be walking out of the door. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to own one of these dresses. You can literally slip it on with some cute sandals or sneakers, a statement necklace or statement earrings, and be ready to go! To add something extra, you can always tie a plaid or denim shirt around your waist or add a choker for a 90’s vibe!


Here’s one last tip that doesn’t really fit into any of the categories, but I thought would be SUPER useful to a lot of you:

If you don’t mind wearing men’s clothing, check out the men’s section on clothing websites. You can find a lot of cute t-shirts that can be bought as an XL or XXL and be worn as a t-shirt dress! That option also tends to be cheaper depending on the type of shirt you buy (graphic tees tend to be more expensive than basic colored tees). Also, I just think it’s a bit comfier to rock an oversized men’s shirt compared to a dress, don’t you agree?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


5 Tips to Finding Cute & Affordable Clothing!



Hey guys!

I’m coming at you today with my very first blog post, so I hope you all really enjoy this topic. Now, if you know me personally, you know I take my fashion VERY seriously. However, you also know I hate spending tons of money on clothing. I believe that you can look very cute and stay up to date with the latest trends without having to spend hundreds of dollars. This post is especially beneficial to those of you that are in college and want to have a cute wardrobe, but still have money to eat. I will proudly raise my hand for that category, because despite how much I love clothing and fashion, food is also something I have a strong relationship with. Anyway, here are 5 tips to finding really cute and affordable clothing:

*Disclaimer: none of the websites listed are sponsoring me in anyway. These are all honest and true opinions

1.Make a UNiDAYS account!

If you haven’t heard of UNiDAYS, then congratulations, you now have. UNiDAYS is a really cool website that I’ve recently come across as a college student and thank the clothing gods for. Even though I haven’t used it very much this semester, it’s really helpful in finding discounts for students.

Whenever you sign up for an account, it asks you for your school email address and the school that you attend to verify that you are a student and aren’t trying to abuse the system. Along with that, it asks you for all the regular personal information that most websites ask you for when you sign up as a new member such as your name, address, etc. After signing up with all of that, you’re officially able to use UNiDAYS to get multiple discounts at clothing stores. I advise many of you to take advantage of this!!!


2. Sign up for your favorite stores’ newsletters and emails!

I know this one is kind of obvious, and a little annoying, but it really does help I promise! A lot of people dislike giving their email out to online websites or in the store, but if you’re a shopaholic like myself it actually ends up being very beneficial. Stores tend to send emails whenever they have discounts, sales, or free shipping. Especially if you get notifications for the emails you receive, a sale could pop up right after payday, and you’d know immediately! (;


3. Go thrifting!

My computer seems to underline the word “thrifting” in red, but I assure you it is an actual verb because I do it all the time. This is probably my favorite way to find jeans and shorts, specifically high-waisted ones. Some cities and towns have small thrift stores in the area, but I know most places have a Goodwill, which is my go-to place! Thrifting requires a lot of patience and time, especially if you want to find something really good. I know I’ve found many skirts, shorts, and jeans from looking around at Goodwill and the total was less than half of what my total would’ve been if I found all those items at their actual department stores.

Another cool thing that Goodwill does is the “Color of the Week.” A certain color will be chosen for the week, and if that color tag is on a piece of clothing, you get 30% off of that item. CRAZY RIGHT???!! So whenever you’re at Goodwill, make sure to check that out. You may possibly be able to get that already inexpensive pair of vintage mom jeans for even less. (goodwill haul pic below)



4. Depop, Poshmark, Ebay, etc.

Many of these websites I didn’t hear about until I hit my junior or senior year in high school, but I now have become addicted (I spend WAY too much time on depop). These sites/apps allow other people to sell some of their clothing that they don’t want for a lower price than what they bought it for. Guys, I’ve literally found jeans from American Apparel for under $40. This is basically like thrifting online, so it still requires patience because you have to search through listings, read seller ratings, ask questions, things like that. I enjoy online shopping more than the normal person should, just because I don’t feel rushed and I have more of a variety of items to choose from. You can also sell some of your items that you don’t wear anymore or don’t like to get some extra cash. I also find it cool that many of my favorite fashion YouTubers have a Depop or a Poshmark, so it gives me an opportunity to buy items from them!

Another thing you can do on these websites is trade. I’m not a big fan of this, just because I have trust issues, but if you’re okay with trading with someone over the internet, then this would be great for you! There are many people that ask for trades instead of actual money, or you can post your own items and ask for people to trade you! I’ve seen a lot of individuals get really good items from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Brandy Melville from the act of trading.

Just in general, when you’re shopping online from places like these where you aren’t buying from a retail store, make sure you ask as many questions as possible and check to make sure the person you’re buying from is LEGIT. Check their ratings and comments from other buyers to make sure they have good feedback. There are scammers out there that will sell you something and then vanish from the face of the earth (it’s happened to me a couple times), so keep that in mind!


5. Make your own clothing/hand me downs

This tip is a bit time consuming, but is really useful when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. If you don’t have older siblings, cousins, or just aren’t feeling the vibe of your mom’s old 90’s and 80’s wardrobe, ignore this section. However, if you do fall into one of these categories, you are eligible to receive hand me downs. Personally, I love receiving clothing from family members, specifically my cousins and my aunts. There’s always something really cute in the huge trash bag filled with clothes they don’t want. Don’t be afraid to shoot them a text message or give them a call asking if there’s anything they don’t want, because if you don’t ask, they’ll end up giving it away to someone else or selling it. Also, I’ve found a good amount of mom jeans in my mother’s closet that she didn’t wear anymore. Majority of them I turned into shorts and bleached them or distressed them for the summer. If you have a really good friend and you guys share the same size, don’t be afraid to swap and share clothing. Chances are, she looks at your outfits most of the time and wants to borrow that cute top you have on as well.

Making your own clothing sounds really hard and sounds like a lot of work, but I promise you it isn’t. You can save a ton of money on certain trending items by spending $3-$5 on supplies rather than $10-$15 at the clothing store. If you don’t know where to start, check out a few DIY videos on YouTube for items that you’re interested in making to wear. Some of them don’t even require sewing! This past summer, I was extremely obsessed with halter tops and found a DIY on how to make them out of a pair of leggings. Instead of sewing it, I used a hot glue gun (which eventually the glue will wash out, so consider sewing it somewhere down the road), and wore it the next day! (pic below)



I hope all of you found these tips really beneficial. I know college is expensive, but don’t let your fashion sense suffer! I’ll see you again soon!