4 Last Minute Gifts for the Fashion Major in Your Life


Hey you guys! It has literally been a minute since I’ve talked to you guys!. I’ve definitely missed blogging so much, and I want to do a life update in the next week or two to give the details on what’s been going on. To keep the story short, school was basically 10x harder this semester than it ever has been. I had a Patternmaking and Apparel Construction course that really threw me for a loop this semester. Sewing is NOT my strongest attribute (I’m working on it I promise), so the amount of stress this class brought me was unreal. Nevertheless, my semester is completed, and I’m back home ready to work seasonal retail and sleep in until 12:00pm on my off days.

I’m still shocked at how fast the semester went by, but I’m even more shocked that Christmas is on Tuesday! It’s definitely crunch time when it comes to buying gifts and preparing for the holiday season. Personally, I struggle with finding gifts for my friends and family. When people around me get to a certain age, it gets a lot harder to give them something other than money. I enjoy giving people gifts that are sentimental or appeal to their interests. One thing that I’ve used as a good way to find some nice gifts is the college major of the person close to me. Majority of the time, their major is a big interest to them! Since I am a fashion major myself, I decided to give you guys a few memorable and lovable gift ideas for the fashion lover in your life. Check out the five things I have listed below for some gift inspiration!

1. Planner

This is a gift that is crucial to basically any college student. I’ve tried so hard in the past to put reminders, assignments and events in my phone, but it never feels right or works in an effective way for me. A planner is a great way for me to get my life in order while still being creative. As a fashion major, I have a ton of assignments due simultaneously. A paper, project, and test could all be happening in one day! On top of that, I still have other classes that I need to keep up with such as business or marketing classes (because my focus is merchandising and design). Things start to get really jumbled up sometimes, so using a planner lets me visually see what I have due on which day. I’m also really big on color coding, so I love getting a pack of multi-colored sharpies and assigning each class to a certain color. The one thing that I love about planners is that there are SO many different types. Good places to shop for stylish and unique planners in-store are Target, Urban Outfitters and Walmart!

2. Water Bottle

When fashion students start on a project, it gets really hard to stop! We get so focused on progressing that sometimes we forget to take a break, and more importantly, hydrate! A water bottle is a perfect last minute gift. Also, a lot of fashion majors work retail jobs in addition to going to school. It’s extremely important to drink water throughout those long, clothing store shifts, especially during peak season such as back-to-school or Christmas. Water bottles can be found almost anywhere, but you already know that fashion major is going to want a bottle that is trendy! Target, Ross, and Rue 21 are perfect places to find affordable water bottles that are still super cute and are good quality.

3. Coffee Travel Cup

Let’s face it, college and procrastination go hand in hand. I’ve gotten a lot better with doing my assignments a few days before they’re due, but during that time in the semester when the midlife college crisis hits (aka October), it becomes hard to get ahead on assignments. As I’ve mentioned above, fashion students have a ton of projects to do, so coffee becomes a must-have. I think a coffee travel cup is an amazing investment because you can brew your own coffee at home and bring it to-go. This allows you to save a ton of money instead of spending $6 at Starbucks everyday. A coffee travel cup also helps me on those days where I’m running really late to class, but need a boost of something to wake me up. I don’t have time to wait in line and grab a coffee, so brewing my own either with a coffee pot or my Keurig is the perfect choice. Most Target and Kroger stores have a Starbucks within them that sell super cute travel cups that are usually on sale during the holiday season!

4. Sewing and Design Supplies

This is such a necessity for a fashion major regardless if they’re on the design or merchandising track. All fashion majors will have to take sewing classes and some form of art class to learn about colors, line, harmony balance, etc. Items such as Prisma color pencils/markers, a rotary cutter + board, and a sewing kit would be great gifts for a fashion major. They will definitely be grateful because these items are used multiple times throughout college and could also come in handy after graduation! Hobby Lobby, Joann, and even Walmart have some great selections when it comes to sewing and design supplies. P.S. Hobby Lobby usually has a coupon for 40% off of a single item!

These gifts that I’ve listed are great for any type of celebratory holiday! Whether it be Christmas, a birthday, or maybe a friendiversary. They’re also very inexpensive and shouldn’t take you out of the $30 range, which I think is perfect.

I’m really happy to be back and blogging! I have some amazing content planned for 2019, so thank you guys so much for sticking with me during these random little breaks I’m taking. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

Until next time,


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