College Talk: Spring Semester Update



I know, it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve posted something of some substance on here. I planned to do a winter favorites post, but then I started school again for Spring 2017, and disconnected from the blogging platform. It haunted me everyday. The fact that my blog was basically sitting idle, but now I’m back with an interesting topic. Hopefully I get into the groove of posting two days a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

So, as many of you know, just from personally talking to me or reading my last post, I ended up switching my major for Spring 2017. It was a huge risk, and a very awkward transition: Music Education to Fashion Merchandising. In the moments leading up to it, I felt I was making a really huge mistake, but I’m not a risk taker, so it partially felt good to be doing something out of the ordinary. I wanted to make this post 1. to vent because we all need to sometimes and 2. to talk about my experience and help anyone else that’s going through the same thing. Let’s jump into this!

First day of school

The first day back was kind of exciting, but also super nerve-wracking. I saw on Pinterest an article about how to make mornings efficient, so I decided to give it a try. I had my first class at 9am, which was Intro to Soft Textiles aka beginner’s sewing. Surprisingly, I got up at 6:30am ready to take on the day. I wasn’t tired or exhausted and was feeling energized. The day started with me doing a 10 minute meditation sequence using my Calm app. After that I already felt happier and less scared about my new major. I also decided to write three things I was grateful for in my journal. It was great because after breakfast, doing my hair, and getting dressed I still had 30-40 minutes of my morning left to do whatever I pleased.

I think the walk to my class was the most emotional thing. It felt awkward and strange to pass the Music building instead of walk into it and see all my peers talking among one another before classes began. I didn’t cut off music completely though. I still kept my choir class and other extra ensemble because no part of me would be able to fathom cutting off singing all together. I knew I’d be back in the Music building during choir later in the day, so I tried to focus on that rather than letting the emotion overwhelm me when my day barely even started.

Sewing class was…different. After being in classes where everyone was outspoken and some people pure know-it-alls, it was a completely opposite experience. The silence was so strong that you could hear a pin drop, and we had to do that
“introduce yourself to the class” thing that everyone hates on the first day. Also, the overall vibe of the Family and Consumer Sciences building was gloomy. Most of the students didn’t interact or talk nearly as much as they did in the Music building, and the lack of family environment was present. I couldn’t wait to get to choir later on in the day to see my close friends and the people that basically formed my second family. Singing in choir that day brought a lot of mixed feelings. I REALLY felt I was making a mistake by not being a music student, but I knew it was only the first day and I had to stick it out.

Present day

Now, today being the start of my third week as a fashion student, I feel a lot different. I notice that I lack the stress and anxiety I had as a music student. Many people ask me, “did you switch because your classes were hard?” Definitely not. I loved piano and theory more than the normal person, but the overwhelming amount of stress that came with being a music major was too much for me. Despite that though, I miss the feeling of being busy. I went from having 7-8 classes a day to only having 4, one of those classes being online. I have to admit, I have WAY too much free time on my hands and sometimes I feel I’m not being productive enough. Even though the semester has progressed a bit, I still haven’t formed any close or distinctive relationships in my sewing class. Most of the class time consists of the teacher asking questions and us being silent with our eyes glued to the floor, still uncomfortable with one another. The family unit doesn’t exist in that class at all.

So, what’s my conclusion? My final verdict? I still couldn’t tell you. Part of me is missing the busy bee life of a music major, but the other half of me is enjoying this time off to think, sleep, and relax. However, I still don’t have a sense of what I’d do with a B.A in Fashion Merchandising. Maybe if you ask me again in the summer, I’ll have an answer for you.

Also, if you’re thinking about switching your major or trying something new, GO FOR IT. The experience might not be exactly what you thought or hoped, but you’re still taking steps to discovering what you want for yourself. In the end, the result will be beneficial!




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