Formulate Shampoo & Conditioner Review

*This is a sponsored post

Hi everyone!

I’m coming to you guys today with a blog post reviewing a personalized shampoo and conditioner that I was gifted by Formulate! I will be going through the hair quiz process as well as my personal experience with the products. Read until the end for an awesome surprise!

The Process

If you didn’t already know, Formulate is a company based out of the U.S. that allows you to personalize your own shampoo and conditioner. The products are paraben, preservative, sulfate, and cruelty free which are things that made me extremely excited about the brand. You take a short 5-10 minute hair quiz at the beginning where it asks questions about your hair type and future hair goals.

The hair quiz also allows the opportunity to choose which smell you’d like your shampoo and conditioner to have along with the strength of the smell. I chose “tidal” because the word coconut was in the description which definitely reeled me in. I also decided to go with the highest strength of the smell.

After you’ve completed your quiz, it’s time to order your products and have them shipped! You’re able to choose how soon you want your product. I love this option because if you have a protective style or haven’t finished your current bottle of your old hair products, you can wait awhile before you receive your new ones from Formulate! The shampoo and conditioner are $49.99 as a set, but you can also get a smaller, starter set for $19.99 if you want to test the products out before you fully commit!

My Personal Experience

NOTE: It takes around 2-3 tries to get a formula that works really well for you! The experience is definitely trial and error, so being patient and open minded are KEY!

I have a few pros and cons for my first shampoo and conditioner formula Because my hair is natural, I do spend majority of one day washing my hair. I usually have to do a pre-poo, shampoo, conditioner, detangle, blow-dry, moisturizer and then twist my hair up for the night! Sulfate-free products do have the tendency to make the hair strands feel greasy/oily, but because I have used sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for the past 4 years or so, I didn’t see a difference in that department. My products were really focused on moisturizing my scalp (I get dandruff easily), curl-definition, and repairing split/damaged ends. These were my results after my first wash:

I personally feel that while washing my hair, the product did not lather very well. The containers are pretty large, but I had to use a lot of pumps to get enough shampoo on my head. I didn’t feel like my scalp was very clean afterwards because lathering was such a struggle for me. The shampoo also made my hair a bit frizzy and dry during the wash process. I don’t know what caused this situation, but the company is very friendly, kind, and will help you figure out which formula will work best for you! They modified my formula a couple of times, and sent me a shampoo that worked perfectly with my hair type. I was able to get a clean scalp and a shampoo that lathered well.

The conditioner wasn’t as thick as the conditioners I’ve used in the past. I had to use a lot of the product to detangle my hair efficiently. However, after washing it out, my hair was so soft and defined! My curls also had a nice shine to them as well, which I wasn’t expecting. The smell from the shampoo and conditioner was way too strong, which was my fault because I picked the highest strength when it came to smell.

I was the most impressed whenever I blow-dried my hair! It was so shiny and soft without any type of oil or butter being added to my strands. This was definitely a bragging moment towards my mom and little sister, but it also formed some conflict and indecisiveness on my part. The end result after my first wash was great, but there were still a few things that could definitely be improved. Because of this, Formulate really worked with me to find a combination that worked for my hair! A few things I would do differently if I went through the entire process as if it were my first time again:

– Pick a different smell and a medium to low strength for the smell

– Change my hair strand to the most coarse option

– Focus on 1-2 realistic hair goals instead of 4-5

Overall I had a very enlightening experience with Formulate! I definitely would give the brand a 10 for amazing customer service and working with me to find what I needed for my hair type.

If you’re looking for some new hair products, I’d really suggest giving Formulate a try! Its rare to come across a company that will make a shampoo and conditioner specifically for you!


I’ve partnered with Formulate to provide a giveaway for one of you to win a free customized shampoo set of your own.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and received some great information!

Until next time,

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