Weekly Positivity #2

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today with a photoshoot for my latest CollegeFashionista article, and a graduation party to attend. Honestly, I love days where I’m being productive and not wasting my day laying in bed (but sometimes those are really needed).

I felt the first Weekly Positivity was kind of rambly and long. It was the very first post in this series, so give me some time to work things out and see how I want to format this (please forgive me). 

Sunday, July 16th

My first Weekly Positivity post dropped this day. I got so much positive feedback about it from friends and peers. I love inspiring others, so getting the opportunity to share something like this really made my day. Aside from that, I also found some really great college blogs on Instagram.

Monday, July 17th

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this day, haha. I worked on my Poshmark and Depop a lot to get more recognition. I also made a couple sales which is ALWAYS a great feeling.

Tuesday, July 18th

I had a morning shift at work today! I always get motivated early in the morning because I start my day off with meditation. Work actually went really well. I opened with one of my favorite managers, and we talked about a lot of interesting things. One thing you guys don’t know about me (or maybe you do) is that I love deep, philosophical talks. I’m a super spiritual person, so these things intrigue me! After I got off of work, I went grocery shopping with my mom and we bought a ton of healthy and organic alternatives for other foods. We’re trying to eat a lot healthier in the household, and I loved that she was open to trying this out. I also was nominated for the Liebster Award by my blogger friend, Allison. I was (and still am) so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity to let my audience know more about me! You can check out my post here.

Wednesday, July 19th

My supervisor and I were a bundle of nerves at work on this day. Our regional manager was coming to take a look at the store and was bringing someone from corporate. That’s always a nerve-wracking thing, because you never know what to expect. She had a few negative things to say, but I ended up getting a compliment from my manager because I displayed great customer service. *crying emoji* My boyfriend ended up coming over a few hours after I got home. We spent the evening playing Kinect on the Xbox with my family while chowing down on pizza.

Thursday, July 20th

I found an amazing group of girl bloggers this day! I’m so happy I met them because they inspire me and push me to be better. This day also consisted of a ton of home decor shopping at Ross, a huge chocolate brownie from Texas Roadhouse and a free salt lamp from my friend’s mom. I can’t wait to show you all how I set it up in my dorm room! 

Friday, July 21st

Friday was a super chill day at home. I woke up to a large amount of sales which was such a great feeling. I also hit 600 followers on Instagram! This was a visual representation of the hard work I’ve put into building my brand and my audience (with a lot of help from a great group of girl bloggers).

Saturday, July 22nd

I had a super cute outfit to wear to work this day. Even though I had a midday shift, I was pumped up and ready to go. However, my job scheduled way too many employees this day, and I was able to leave THREE hours early. Most people would be extremely upset about that, but honestly I was ecstatic. I bought myself a few chocolate chip cookies (and ended up getting one free) and did some window shopping. For some reason, I always catch these crazy sales at Forever 21, and this day they were having an extra 50% off of their sale items. Now, the crazy part is I found a top that wasn’t in the sale section, but had a red tag on it with a price markdown. This top was so cute. It had a lettuce hem on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt, it was off-the-shoulder, pink, and had white striped. Guys, this shirt was marked down to $4.99 which means I got it for $2.50. *looks at the camera like on The Office* It’s such an adorable top, and I can’t wait to show it off in future outfits!

Thanks so much for reading this Sunday’s post! I love inspiring you all, and I hope this post has done exactly that. 

Comment down below one positive thing that has happened to you this week!

I’ll see you all on Wednesday!

Until next time,

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