How to Style #1: Wrap Skirt

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! It's HUMP DAY! We're so close to the weekend, so let's stay motivated and make these next couple of weekdays count. I'm starting a new series on my blog called How to Style. I will be making a post here and there about pieces in my closet … Continue reading How to Style #1: Wrap Skirt


Summer Update

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know it's been a while since I've posted something, and I seriously apologize for that! I've finally finished my fourth semester of college, and summer has begun. I have a lot of news to tell you all. This post isn't really going to be about anything specific, just things … Continue reading Summer Update

Easter #OOTD

I know Easter has come and gone, but I had to share this beautiful dress with you all! A few days before Easter weekend, I went shopping at the Ross by my college campus with a couple of friends. Even though I had a few items in my hands, I ended up walking out with … Continue reading Easter #OOTD

90’s #OOTD

Welcome back guys! <3<3<3 I was super in love with an outfit that I wore a few days ago.It's like a 90's Janet Jackson from Poetic Justice. I got a lot of positive feedback and decided it would be a great idea to make an outfit post about it listing where I got the items … Continue reading 90’s #OOTD