About Me

I’m Alexia, but I mostly go by Lexi. I’m currently 20 years old and attending Sam Houston State University for a bachelor’s in fashion merchandising and a minor in marketing. A typical day for me is going to a ton of classes, stuffing my face with food, and laughing more than the average person.


As far as hobbies go, I really like to run, bake, and my favorite of all time is doing yoga. It’s something that I discovered in college and hope to get better at because it really keeps me grounded and stress free (as college allows you to be). I hope to make some posts about exercise as well as my stretching and my yoga in the near future!


I’m definitely a family girl. I have four brothers and one sister that I love dearly (I’m the second oldest) and an extremely caring boyfriend who I’ve been with for 4 years. All of these people, including my parents, have been great influences in my life and continue to inspire me every single day.

The reason I’ve started this blog is because I love journaling and writing about things that are deeply important to me, and could say some information that could help someone else. Especially when it comes to lifestyle and college life, everyone goes through a difficult time at some point and to have someone else there that has experienced the same thing and is still living and breathing provides comfort. Fashion is another hobby for me, but it’s a hobby that is more of a passion. I love clothes. No, like I LOVE clothes. I have a shopping problem, seriously. It’s the subject that I plan to start this blog off with because I have so much to say! I spend a lot of my days watching youtube videos about clothing hauls, looking online, and putting my own outfits together.

I really hope you all find happiness, advice, and comfort here on my blog. I’m just a young adult just like all of you looking to find herself in the world and who’s willing to display her journey. I’m open to comments from all of you because I would love to interact and get to know you guys! Thank you for stopping by!