3 Ways Meditation Changed my Mindset

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It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week. I honestly can’t believe July is about to end. This summer is FLYING by, but between you and me, I’m so excited for the fall.

Today, I wanted to talk about meditation and why it has now become an extremely important part of my life. As you guys know, I’m a huge advocate for mental health and self-care. My first two years of college were extremely rough, and I completely lost my way. I came in with this huge plan, step by step, of how everything was going to go. I’m sure God/The Universe/The Person in The Sky was laughing hysterically at me because we all know life never goes as planned. This little college crisis led me to find my spirituality, and my love for meditation was born. It’s such a small, simple tool that helped control my anxiety and fear for the future. Compared to two years ago, I feel like a whole new person (new spirituality, who dis?) My thought process, attitude, and perspective on life did a total 180.

What exactly is meditation?

1. the act of meditating

The synonyms include: concentration, thought, deliberation and more. Now for me, meditation is more about connecting with your self emotionally and mentally. It’s a time where you’re alone, in silence (or with a guided voice) checking in with how you’re really feeling. Like, REALLY feeling. Those deep emotions you’ve shoved into the depths are meant to emerge during meditation. It takes some time to get good at not letting other thoughts ruin your silence and concentration. I’ve been consistently meditating for about 6 months now, and I’m still not a pro. Here are the three ways meditation has changed my mindset:

1.More Grateful

I’m not saying I was never grateful for the life I live, but meditation has helped me realize how I really have an abundance of things. Every morning I use a guided meditation on Youtube and lay in bed for 10-15 minutes listening to the voice. After this, I get out my handy planner, flip to my notes section, and write 10 things I’m grateful for. I know this sounds like a little much, but I promise it’ll change your life. It takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit, so doing this consistently will re-route your mind into being more positive and appreciative for the smallest things. For example, every time I sleep I express gratitude for having a bed, or every time it’s sunny with a little of overcast I express gratitude for a beautiful day. It’s stuff like this that makes you see life in a more positive light. Sitting in silence for a few minutes and journaling about your life is a form of meditation. There is also guided meditation specifically for gratitude (and every other category you can think of). If you want to amp up your inspiration and positivity for the morning, do both! This is all about finding the best method for you.

2.More Self-aware

As mentioned above, meditation is really a time for you to connect with yourself and how you’re feeling. After doing this several, you start to become really good at recognizing what’s going on. It raises your intuition, so when your body sends you those weird signals that something isn’t quite right, you’ll be more in tune with that feeling. Basically, it teaches you to trust your gut! I love this because as a society we can be very judgemental and consumed in what others are doing. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I used to grab myself a cup of tea and take part in all the gossip. Now, I’m quickly able to catch myself and turn that thought into something more positive. If you haven’t noticed, gossiping and constantly judging those around you is toxic. These bad habits will definitely consume your life and remember, this affects and reflects you way more than the person you’re speaking badly about. Gaining a heightened sense of self-awareness from meditating has led me to remove myself from negative situations, and helped me realize the little negative things I do to myself and others.

3. Less Stressed/Anxious/Fearful/ALL OF THOSE

Okay, you guys all know what I mean about this one. You have a big project coming up, or an audition, and all you can think about is that specific moment. Even if it’s 3 weeks away, that event crosses your mind every single day, the stress and anxiety building each time. What meditation does is it helps you live in the current moment. This means that instead of worrying about the next year, day, or even hour, you’re only focused on what you’re doing in current time. For example, I’m typing this blog post right now. I should only be focused on writing this blog post, and not the math test I’m a little nervous about tomorrow. I’m not telling you to not plan goals and achievements for your future. I’m telling you to stop keeping yourself up at night thinking “what if” about what you have to do the next day! Believe me, I know it’s hard especially for us type A people, but meditation can help you accomplish this. By taking time out of your day to silently lay down and clear your mind, you are living in the current moment. You’re not worrying or stressing about something you have to do after your meditation finishes or what you’re going to cook for dinner later on that night. Your focus is on the guided voice, or whatever you specifically use to meditate. My stress levels have decreased tremendously since I started doing this, and am honestly excited for my future and what it has to bring. Living life to the fullest is all about letting go and focusing on the present, and meditation will definitely help you do that!

As a society, we are so caught up in being busy and running around all day. In America, working 50+ hours a week is the norm. Self-care and mental health become tossed aside, but in reality those that are workaholics need it the most! If self-care is foreign to you, I challenge you to block out 15 minutes of your day specifically for meditation. Whether that’s in the morning or before you go to bed, it’s whatever works bed for you! Beware, you might fall asleep because you’ll be so relaxed, so set a timer if you have other things to do for the day.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! I love helping you guys and providing inspiration from my own personal experiences.

Let me know in the comments below how meditation works out for you. If you’re already familiar with meditating, let me know some of your thoughts and how it works for you!

See you on Sunday,


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