Weekly Positivity #1

Happy Sunday!

As promised, here is my new series called Weekly Positivity. In these blog posts, I will recollect one positive thing that has happened to me every single day this week. Why are you doing this, you ask. It’s for myself and also for you! Remembering positive occurrences help with gratitude and being in an overall better mood. I’m hoping that these posts inspire you to keep a gratitude journal or just take small time out of your day to write down some positive things that have happened to you. I know this is super clichรฉ, but life is so unexpected! You could be here one minute and gone the next, so why spend it complaining and being unhappy with the cards you were dealt? Make the best of everything is my new motto. Let’s get into this post!

Sunday, July 9th:

Sunday was a really chill day for me. I was already thankful that I didn’t have to go to work, so that’s a positive thing already! It’s not that I don’t like my job. I actually LOVE it, but sometimes having a day all to yourself is overdue. The main thing that I wanted to share about Sunday, was that I finally started an exercise plan that I like. I even got my mom and sister to join in with me. Even though I felt extremely tired and unmotivated close to the end of the workout, I was still able to push through and complete it! This began my plan to workout three days a week.

Monday, July 10th:

I had to go to work this day. I already woke up with a bit of a negative mindset because I really dislike mid-day shifts. To me, they go by extremely slow, and if the store isn’t busy there isn’t much to do. However, it actually was a really fun day at work. I wore an outfit that made me feel really great about my body, and I got a lot of compliments on it from my co-workers and the customers. Also, I ended up working with a great group of women who are encouraging, helpful, and straight up hilarious. They made the work space for the day positive and inviting. I even got acknowledged by one of my supervisors for working so hard!

Tuesday, July 11th:

9am-1pm was my work shift today. Even though I don’t classify myself as a morning person, I love morning shifts more than the normal person. They tend to go by a lot faster than mid-day shifts, and I enjoy the serenity of the mall early in the morning. I opened with one of my supervisors that I never really worked with one-on-one before, but let me tell you, it was such a positive morning! We got so much done in such a little amount of time. She showed me more efficient ways to do things, and we were a great team. Now, I look forward to all the days where I work with her. I also continued with my exercise plan and did a lower body workout. It was tough guys. I didn’t do my running all the way through, but I at least gave myself a high-five for accomplishing another workout, even if it didn’t go the way it was supposed to.

Wednesday, July 12th:

WHOOP! I was off this day, and my boyfriend and I had a water park day planned out. I honestly don’t like water parks because I can’t swim at all. Immediately when I woke up, I was dreading the day and was finding every excuse not to go, but I thought back to all the moments I made him ride roller coasters and do yoga for me. I put on my hot pink one-piece and smiled as much as I could to bring some happiness into my heart for the day. When we got there, I actually started to have a wonderful time. We hopped into a little lazy river and let it take us around, so we could get used to the water. Unfortunately, it started lightning, and all the rides closed down at the park. Eventually, it started pouring, and we had only gone on ONE ride. Guys, we were at the water park for an hour and a half waiting until we decided it was time to go home. I felt awful because I know how excited my boyfriend was, and honestly I was starting to have a really good time. Now, I know you’re reading this, confused and probably feeling sorry for the both of us, BUT here’s something positive. Our tickets were complimentary, so we didn’t spend any money on tickets (which would’ve been $80 for the both of us). Even though we paid for parking and our locker, it was a lot cheaper than it would’ve been if we bought the tickets full price. Also, we got to try snow cones from Bahama Bucks which ended up being AMAZING. Long story short, always find the good in a situation.

Thursday, July 13th:

I honestly didn’t do much this day. It consisted of me relaxing inside and sleeping in until 11am. My mom made a super yummy breakfast, and I did list some new items on my Depop and Poshmark accounts. What the bulk of my day consisted of, was exercising! I took part in my third and final workout day for the week. I did a combination of cardio and a 10 minute ab workout that you can find here. After I finished, I felt SO accomplished. I actually stuck with exercising three days a week, and on top of that, I drank a ton of water this day as well. If you guys didn’t know, I struggle with drinking enough water everyday. That put me on a high for the rest of the day, and to top it off, my mom made salmon for dinner which is super healthy and delicious.

Friday, July 14th:

This day was so fun! I had another morning work shift, which again was really productive. I opened with my manager, who is extremely chill and great to talk to. We made a good amount of sales, and I helped customers find clothing items that fit their personal style. I also wore my afro for the first time to work, and got a lot of great compliments on it, especially from customers. After I got off of work, I had sold two pieces of clothing! It felt great to come out of work to see money in my account. Later, my boyfriend picked me up and we went grocery shopping to get things to make chicken parmesan. This dish actually turned out really well! The last time we tried making this, all of the breading fell off and we had naked chicken, but my boyfriend found a new recipe and most of the bread crumbs stuck to the chicken making it super crispy. It was a great ending to a fun and productive day.

Saturday, July 15th:

Last day of the week my friends! This day consisted of thrifting with my whole entire family. I found a lot of gems that will be posted on my websites later today. While in Goodwill, I decided to check my online class profile. For some reason, I had it ingrained in my head that my summer class started on July 22nd. No, I was wrong. The class started July 13th. This made my mood do a complete 360. I was so anxious and worried because I had no idea the class had already begun. I didn’t (and still don’t) have the textbook, and saw on the syllabus I had a test coming up on the 17th. The rest of the thrifting trip was ruined for me, as I was so frustrated at myself for missing the date. I wanted to get home immediately to get a start on what I had missed. The positive part was that I was ONLY two days behind. I was blowing things out of proportion and realized I had full control over the situation. I was thankful that something played out in my favor and prompted me to check the class that day instead of a week later when I thought it was supposed to start.ย  Also, we had a great dinner at Luby’s and to calm my nerves I took part in this great bedtime yoga routine to let go of all the frustrations of the day. P.S. I found a code that allowed free access to the book for two weeks AND I’m now ahead of the schedule. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems!

I hope you all enjoyed this Sunday’s post of Weekly Positivty. I know it was a bunch of rambling, but I really want these things to inspire you all to find some positive things in your day to day experiences. Even if you make one mistake, the world is not going to end. There’s always a bit of good in that bad day, and once you start to look at it from that perspective, you start to develop a whole new mindset and view on life!

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I challenge you to write down one positive thing that happens to you every single day this week, and comment down below one positive thing that’s happened to you this past week!

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