Summer Update


Hello everyone and welcome back!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, and I seriously apologize for that! I’ve finally finished my fourth semester of college, and summer has begun. I have a lot of news to tell you all. This post isn’t really going to be about anything specific, just things that are going on in my life. I’m sad to say that this blog won’t be getting as much love as it should be over the summer because of a couple of things that I’ll list below. So, let’s get into this!

1. Internships

I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in TWO blogging internships this summer. I am beyond excited, but a little nervous as well. I first will be interning with CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru. This website is professional and informative for college girls and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely check it out! I’ll be writing articles once a month, so hopefully you’ll see me on there soon. My favorite part about this internship is that I get to model so many cute outfits (my boyfriend is a great photographer guys!). The second internship is with CollegeFashion. I know the names sound super similar, but they aren’t affiliated in any way! This website is the same idea, but this internship requires blogging every week. THIS MAKES ME NERVOUS. However, I know it will improve my writing skills a ton. It will also make me think on my toes.

2. Depop, Mercari, and Poshmark

In my very first blog post, 5 Tips to Finding Cute & Affordable Clothing, I mentioned some websites you could use to find clothing for cheap, but still in pretty good condition. Even though I get tempted to buy a lot of things, I use these sites more for selling rather than buying. This summer, I’ve been working on updating my shops and finding new items to sell. I’m actually doing pretty well and making a little bit of extra cash! It’s become one of my top priorities now, because I’m saving up for a trip soon that I will not reveal yet (sorry!). If you’re interested in what I’m selling, here are the links to my Depop, Mercari, and Poshmark pages!

3. Work, Work, Work, Work…Work

Aside from my little clothing side hustle, I actually have a job I attend weekly. I’ve returned to my seasonal workplace as a sales associate at Charlotte Russe. Now, despite what people say, retail is actually pretty fun to me. I love greeting people and organizing clothes. My favorite thing is working the register, because it’s so fast paced and I get to meet so many individuals from different parts of the world. Also, my co-workers are pretty bomb. They’re really sweet and supportive women!

4. Summer School

Because I abruptly decided to switch my major, I have fallen behind on my degree plan. Now, college is NOT a race people. You need to go at your own pace and your own time. However, I do not want to be here forever, so I’ve taken the initiative and signed up for summer courses through my local community college! I’m hoping to finish my basics this summer and spend fall 2017 focusing on my major classes only! How exciting! (:

5. Driver’s Ed

Okay, look. I don’t have my driver’s license yet (don’t judge me). I also took the initiative on this one to sign up for a driver’s ed course. I at least can get my driver’s permit, and get the written test out-of-the-way. Soon I’ll be on the streets, so watch out world!

As you can see, I have a few things going on this summer. I didn’t even factor in my social life and sleep (which you all know I love to do). I don’t want to neglect this blog completely, so I think I’m going to post a lot of OOTD’s for now. They’re the easiest thing to do, and I will have a lot of them! However, because of this I’ve decided to post multiple times a week! My outfits can NOT go unseen, and I love giving you all inspiration with what I wear. In addition, I plan to share some of my internship articles and experiences on here as well as the summer progresses.

Until next time!




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