3 Easy and Delicious Crockpot Recipes

Crockpot Recipies

Laziness + Busy College Life = No time to cook.

I always wake up in the morning planning to make a healthy, yummy dinner, but by the end of the day I’m exhausted! I know a ton of 20-something-year-olds can relate to this. Also since I’m still fresh into adulthood, cooking hasn’t become a specialty of mine yet. The one item that I feel is essential to college students is the Crockpot. Yes, you heard me. This little pot has become a life saver. It literally requires you to do almost nothing besides throw a ton of ingredients together.Β  I also enjoy them because they are super inexpensive. I got one from Walmart for $18 bucks and it’s a beautiful red color. After obtaining my Crockpot, I took to Pinterest to find a ton of recipes suitable for my new kitchen toy. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. Cajun Chicken Alfredo

This was the very first meal I made in a Crockpot. It came out amazing and I couldn’t help going back for seconds and even thirds! Some items in the recipe you can substitute or take out. For example, you can switch out the heavy cream for alfredo sauce if you want a different consistency. Also, the amount of cajun seasoning you use all depends on the amount of spiciness you want!


2. Loaded Hash Brown Potato Soup

Ah, I’m in love with potato soup. I’m so thankful for this recipe because it means I can stop spending my money at Panera (oops). I find hash browns easier to use because you don’t have to chop up tons of potatoes, so it’s a big time saver. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate, this is a great meal to come home and wind down with. It’s so homey!


3. Crock-Pot Cinnamon Rolls

Of course I had to do something sweet for the last recipe! I love cinnamon rolls, and every time I make a trip back home, my mom makes them for breakfast. It’s great that someone was able to make a version for the Crockpot! I feel these cinnamon rolls offer a great breakfast option because you can make them on Sunday night and just reheat in the morning! It saves a ton of time for those that have early morning classes and like to sleep in (me).


If you haven’t already, definitely invest in a Crockpot! They don’t require you to have professional chef skills, and you basically have enough food for the entire week made in just one day. It’s a perfect item for my fellow college students, and I hope you all enjoyed this post!


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