20 Things I’ve Learned at 20 Years Old


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So, tomorrow I hit the big 2-0. I’ll be 20 years old. It literally feels like yesterday when I started my first year of middle school, or when I graduated high school. To be honest, I don’t feel any type of different. Tomorrow I still have class at 9am, work at 12pm, and a lab for my science class that’s 2 hours long, I know the ending of my teen years will not make the world stop spinning, but I do want to brag on myself a bit. Even though I don’t FEEL different, I know in my heart that things have changed and I’ve really grown as a person. Just thinking back to as little as one year ago, I have done things, said things, and felt things that I never thought I’d go through or experience. This post is going to be sweet and short, but here’s 20 things I’ve learned/realized/experienced at 20 years old.

  1. I learned to say NO
  2. I improved my self-care
  3. I changed my major (this was a SCARY one)
  4. I grew a backbone
  5. I learned to cook in a crockpot
  6. I started a blog
  7. I learned to speak my mind
  8. I learned to love myself
  9. I went natural (best choice I ever made)
  10. I learned to not care what other people think (still working on this one)
  11. I stopped procrastinating
  12. I learned to listen to my instincts
  13. I started drinking more water
  14. I learned that it’s okay to cry
  15. I learned to appreciate nature
  16. I learned how to sew
  17. I learned that nothing is set in stone
  18. I learned how to be grateful and positive
  19. I discovered essential oils
  20. I realized the rules and strict acts of my parents while growing up were for a really good reason and now I’m extremely thankful.

That’s all I’ve got for you. I know you expected a birthday outfit post, but that will definitely be up tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just something that’s cute, comfy, and perfect for a college girl. I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful week. (:



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