Welcome back to my blog you guys!

Today I decided to post on this really cute outfit that I wore to work on Thursday! Since I do work in a pretty popular clothing store, a very strict dress code isn’t heavily enforced. We’re just required to dress very stylish, trendy, and with the season! With it supposedly being fall/winter (more like summer in Texas with this 70 degree weather), I decided to do a very casual but cute outfit featuring my favorite olive green jacket. I’ll be bolding where I got each item below!

I hope you enjoy! (:


The jacket and the top:

This jacket I’m seriously in LOVE with. I bought it last Christmas and get super excited when the temperature drops below 70 because I have an excuse to wear it! It’s not super thick, but isn’t thin either, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in below freezing temperatures. However, it’s great when it’s a little chilly or when the wind is strong! Also, the olive green color is a perfect fall essential color (I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with it). I paired this jacket with a black v-neck cami. Both items are from Forever 21.


The jeans:

I know I posted about these jeans in my Thanksgiving OOTD post, but I have to brag on them again. I’ve had them for a few years now and they’re still in GREAT condition. At first, I was going to wear distressed boyfriend jeans with this outfit, but something felt heavily out of place when I saw everything together. I knew these jeans would be a better fit because dark colors tend to go well with each other, and with the fall season. They also bring out your figure SO well. These jeans are from HM.


The shoes:

I bought these shoes in high school for a performance, and decided to start wearing them casually as well. Even though the wedge isn’t that high, they’re perfect to walk around in on a nice, chill day out. For me, I have trouble walking in very high heels, so I actually prefer these over other types of wedges. They have a strap around the ankle that is adjustable and a zipper in the back. I also love wearing them to work because they’re comfortable and stylish! These cuties were bought from Target.


The accessories:

In this last category I’ll be talking about the bag, choker, and lipstick! The bag is actually my mom’s. I needed something cute, but subtle to take to work with me to keep my things in and found this beauty in her closet. It’s one of the old vintage Coach backpacks! In this picture, I’m wearing both of the straps on one shoulder like a bag in this picture, but it’s such a convenient bag! There’s also a ton of room inside of it too, so it can hold a lot of things. As mentioned above, this bag is from Coach. The choker is one of the popular and trendy shoelace chokers! I know you’ve all seen them everywhere on Instagram and Youtube. I saw the opportunity to get one, and definitely took it. What I love about these chokers is that you can wear it in various ways. There’s also a clasp on the back like on a normal necklace, so it’s adjustable on the neck. This choker is from Charlotte Russe (P.S. this store is having a sale where ALL items, including shoes, are $20 or less, so check that out!). Lastly, the lipstick I’m wearing is almost like a dark red/maroon. It was my very first purchase of a matte lipstick and I’ve had it since the summer. It’s also a very popular color for the fall/winter season! This lipstick is called Creature from Colourpop.


I hope you guys found some good information and inspiration from this quick OOTD! Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for stopping by!



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