Thanksgiving OOTD


Welcome back to my blog you guys!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday that was spent with loved ones, and involved lots of good food. I, unfortunately, ate way too much and retired to the couch shortly after my meal.

Anyway, I know this weekend is filled with crazy good deals (with black Friday and cyber Monday). I’ve decided to post pictures of my Thanksgiving outfit and state where the items are from. If any of you guys were interested, or magically become interested after seeing these pictures,the places where I bought/received these items will be provided below, so you can buy the same item (or something similar if what I’m wearing is sold out). I thought today would be the PERFECT time to reveal where I’ve gotten a few things since many of you will have the opportunity to get them for WAY less than I did.

So here we go!


The full outfit consists of an off-the-shoulder top, dark wash high-waisted jeans, and brown peep toe sandals. Accessories include a brown Fossil watch and a classic pair of silver statement earrings that dangle.

The top:

First, this was the very first off-the-shoulder item I purchased. I was terrified because I didn’t have anything like this in my closet. It was a step out of my comfort zone, and after wearing it a couple of times, I purchased two more! The top comes with cute embroidery on the sleeves. It’s not full length, but not short enough to be cropped either. There’s also a bit of underwire that lies underneath, so if you decide to set the girls free, you’ll definitely have some support. I also adore the color against my skin, and since it isn’t fitted, it’s great for eating so your food baby can be hidden. (: This item was purchased from Charlotte Russe.


The pants:

I’ve owned these jeans for a while, probably about three years now. There was a point where I was selling them on my Depop, but I had to take them off because I definitely couldn’t part with my ONLY pair of dark wash, high-waisted jeans. In this picture, they’re currently rolled up, but the jeans do not come that way. They fit very nicely and even have some stretch. I’ve seen 0 signs of wear and tear after three years, so they were a great buy, and not very expensive either. These beauties were purchased from H&M.


The shoes:

Even though it’s the fall, the weather here in Texas definitely hasn’t caught up. For those of you that are in states whose temperatures actually correspond with the current season, forgive me. At least the brown color fits into the fall/thanksgiving theme. These peep-toe sandals are actually my sister’s, but she doesn’t like them so I happily took them off of her hands. They take a while to break-in, but once there, you will constantly pair these with cute and casual outfits. They’re also adjustable because of the laces. These shoes were found at Ross.


The accessories:

The two accessories I’m wearing in this shoot, as mentioned above, are the Fossil watch and the earrings. This watch is my one and only Fossil watch, and I wear it literally every other day. It was also a gift from my boyfriend that I’m extremely thankful for. I love it because it’s not too big or too small on my wrist. It also has a small circle that shows the date, and changes on it’s own whenever it hits 12am the next day. It’s a very classic and minimal watch that can literally be paired with anything. It’s a very good investment. The earrings were actually given to me by my mother. I don’t have much detail on where she got them, but I can assure you that any classic pair of earrings can spice up any outfit. It can take something to the next level.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping!



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