5 Tips to Finding Cute & Affordable Clothing!



Hey guys!

I’m coming at you today with my very first blog post, so I hope you all really enjoy this topic. Now, if you know me personally, you know I take my fashion VERY seriously. However, you also know I hate spending tons of money on clothing. I believe that you can look very cute and stay up to date with the latest trends without having to spend hundreds of dollars. This post is especially beneficial to those of you that are in college and want to have a cute wardrobe, but still have money to eat. I will proudly raise my hand for that category, because despite how much I love clothing and fashion, food is also something I have a strong relationship with. Anyway, here are 5 tips to finding really cute and affordable clothing:

*Disclaimer: none of the websites listed are sponsoring me in anyway. These are all honest and true opinions

1.Make a UNiDAYS account!

If you haven’t heard of UNiDAYS, then congratulations, you now have. UNiDAYS is a really cool website that I’ve recently come across as a college student and thank the clothing gods for. Even though I haven’t used it very much this semester, it’s really helpful in finding discounts for students.

Whenever you sign up for an account, it asks you for your school email address and the school that you attend to verify that you are a student and aren’t trying to abuse the system. Along with that, it asks you for all the regular personal information that most websites ask you for when you sign up as a new member such as your name, address, etc. After signing up with all of that, you’re officially able to use UNiDAYS to get multiple discounts at clothing stores. I advise many of you to take advantage of this!!!


2. Sign up for your favorite stores’ newsletters and emails!

I know this one is kind of obvious, and a little annoying, but it really does help I promise! A lot of people dislike giving their email out to online websites or in the store, but if you’re a shopaholic like myself it actually ends up being very beneficial. Stores tend to send emails whenever they have discounts, sales, or free shipping. Especially if you get notifications for the emails you receive, a sale could pop up right after payday, and you’d know immediately! (;


3. Go thrifting!

My computer seems to underline the word “thrifting” in red, but I assure you it is an actual verb because I do it all the time. This is probably my favorite way to find jeans and shorts, specifically high-waisted ones. Some cities and towns have small thrift stores in the area, but I know most places have a Goodwill, which is my go-to place! Thrifting requires a lot of patience and time, especially if you want to find something really good. I know I’ve found many skirts, shorts, and jeans from looking around at Goodwill and the total was less than half of what my total would’ve been if I found all those items at their actual department stores.

Another cool thing that Goodwill does is the “Color of the Week.” A certain color will be chosen for the week, and if that color tag is on a piece of clothing, you get 30% off of that item. CRAZY RIGHT???!! So whenever you’re at Goodwill, make sure to check that out. You may possibly be able to get that already inexpensive pair of vintage mom jeans for even less. (goodwill haul pic below)



4. Depop, Poshmark, Ebay, etc.

Many of these websites I didn’t hear about until I hit my junior or senior year in high school, but I now have become addicted (I spend WAY too much time on depop). These sites/apps allow other people to sell some of their clothing that they don’t want for a lower price than what they bought it for. Guys, I’ve literally found jeans from American Apparel for under $40. This is basically like thrifting online, so it still requires patience because you have to search through listings, read seller ratings, ask questions, things like that. I enjoy online shopping more than the normal person should, just because I don’t feel rushed and I have more of a variety of items to choose from. You can also sell some of your items that you don’t wear anymore or don’t like to get some extra cash. I also find it cool that many of my favorite fashion YouTubers have a Depop or a Poshmark, so it gives me an opportunity to buy items from them!

Another thing you can do on these websites is trade. I’m not a big fan of this, just because I have trust issues, but if you’re okay with trading with someone over the internet, then this would be great for you! There are many people that ask for trades instead of actual money, or you can post your own items and ask for people to trade you! I’ve seen a lot of individuals get really good items from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Brandy Melville from the act of trading.

Just in general, when you’re shopping online from places like these where you aren’t buying from a retail store, make sure you ask as many questions as possible and check to make sure the person you’re buying from is LEGIT. Check their ratings and comments from other buyers to make sure they have good feedback. There are scammers out there that will sell you something and then vanish from the face of the earth (it’s happened to me a couple times), so keep that in mind!


5. Make your own clothing/hand me downs

This tip is a bit time consuming, but is really useful when you don’t have a lot of money to spend. If you don’t have older siblings, cousins, or just aren’t feeling the vibe of your mom’s old 90’s and 80’s wardrobe, ignore this section. However, if you do fall into one of these categories, you are eligible to receive hand me downs. Personally, I love receiving clothing from family members, specifically my cousins and my aunts. There’s always something really cute in the huge trash bag filled with clothes they don’t want. Don’t be afraid to shoot them a text message or give them a call asking if there’s anything they don’t want, because if you don’t ask, they’ll end up giving it away to someone else or selling it. Also, I’ve found a good amount of mom jeans in my mother’s closet that she didn’t wear anymore. Majority of them I turned into shorts and bleached them or distressed them for the summer. If you have a really good friend and you guys share the same size, don’t be afraid to swap and share clothing. Chances are, she looks at your outfits most of the time and wants to borrow that cute top you have on as well.

Making your own clothing sounds really hard and sounds like a lot of work, but I promise you it isn’t. You can save a ton of money on certain trending items by spending $3-$5 on supplies rather than $10-$15 at the clothing store. If you don’t know where to start, check out a few DIY videos on YouTube for items that you’re interested in making to wear. Some of them don’t even require sewing! This past summer, I was extremely obsessed with halter tops and found a DIY on how to make them out of a pair of leggings. Instead of sewing it, I used a hot glue gun (which eventually the glue will wash out, so consider sewing it somewhere down the road), and wore it the next day! (pic below)



I hope all of you found these tips really beneficial. I know college is expensive, but don’t let your fashion sense suffer! I’ll see you again soon!



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